Humphrey's wine list

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House wines

  • €3.95 per glass
  • €13.25 per 1/2 litre
  • €19.75 per bottle of 75 cl


  • Crocodile Creek Chardonnay – Semillon
    A refreshing white wine with aromas of tropical fruit, citrus & apricots.

Sweet White

  • Morio Muskat Lieblich
    A sweet, refreshing wine with juicy aromas of rose blossom, orange and lychee.


  • Alain Meçon Merlot
    A supple wine with refreshing aromas of black cherries and a hint of herbs in a finish featuring soft tannins.


  • Terra Molino Tempranillo Rosé
    A refreshing wine with juicy aromas of red berries, strawberries and a hint of herbs.

Sparkling wines

  • Prosecco – SETTE Cuvée Millesimato (extra dry)
    A refreshing & juicy Prosecco. Its very refined fizz, complex aromas of tropical fruit, a hint of pear, nuanced smoky tones and a dash of honey combine to deliver a great balance | €27.95 per bottle, €4.95 per glass
  • Champagne – Carte d’Or Brut
    A classic Champagne with a good, densely integrated fizz with aromas of berries & pears, with hints of nuts, vanilla and toast. Fruity, with a rich finish | €49.95 per bottle

White wines

  • Vanel Chardonnay Pays d’Oc
    A beautifully balanced chardonnay with delicate aromas of ripe citrus fruit, mango and apricot in a light creamy finish with delicate spiciness and a hint of pear | €24.- per bottle
  • Baccolo Bianco Sauvignon Blanc
    Aromatic with ripe fruit on the nose and a fresh rounded flavour | €24.- per bottle, €5.- per glass
  • Pinot Grigio
    A fresh wine with fruity aromas of apple, pear & pineapple with a soft spicy finish to be drunk any time of the day | €25.- per bottle
  • Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
    A fresh wine that gushes from the glass with aromas of elderflower, lychee, passion fruit & gooseberry with a fresh acidity from granny smith and lime | €25.- per bottle
  • San Antolin Verdejo Rueda D.O.
    A fresh & juicy white wine that gushes from the glass with aromas of pineapple, kiwi & tangerine and a hint of peach and mint | €26.- per bottle, €5.25 per glass
  • Fränkische Machart Silvaner QbA
    A refreshing & fragrant wine with juicy aromas of gooseberries, apple and pear, with refined minerals and a hint of herbs in the finish | €26.- per bottle
  • Grüner Veltliner DAC
    A sparkling white wine with aromas of orange, tangerine, peach and apple with a little spiciness and a well integrated acidity in the finish | €27.50 per bottle
  • Light Horse Chardonnay
    Aromas of wood, chalk, pear, peach, apricot, pineapple and apple. Clear citrus tones with a mouth-watering acidity and a sticky full finish | €28.50 per bottle, €5.75 per glass

Red wines

  • Baccolo Rosso Merlot
    A beautiful full-bodied and delicate wine with smells and flavours of spices and red fruit such as redcurrants, blackcurrants and blackberries | €24.- per bottle, €5.- per glass
  • Crystal Bay Pinot Noir
    A fruity and elegant wine with aromas from cherries & stewed strawberries with a hint of plum and a slightly spicy finish with soft ripe tannins | €25.- per bottle
  • Perrin Côtes du Ventoux AOC
    A versatile wine with full aromas of red fruits and violets with hints of pepper and licorice with a silky finish | €25.- per bottle
  • Borgo Scopeto Rosso Toscana IGT
    A powerful wine with well presented aromas of berries, cherries and dark plums. It has spicy undertones with hints of pepper and licorice with lingering roasted aromas | €25.- per bottle
  • Los Cardos Malbec
    A concentrated wine with fruity aromas of cherries, lingonberries & dark plums with a juicy finish with a hint of spiciness en soft tannins | €26.- per bottle, €5.25 per glass
  • Primicia Rioja Crianza DOCa
    Spanish elegance in a glass with aromas of black cherries, blueberries, spicy nuances in a full tannin structure with hints of cedarwood and vanilla with a long finish | €27.50 per bottle
  • Grand Bateau Bordeaux AOC
    The little brother of Château Beychevelle should be tasted; aromas of cherries, red fruits, spices, cedarwood & vanilla all come together and the taste buds will rejoice | €27.50 per bottle
  • Whiplash Zinfandel
    Aromas of blackcurrant, raspberry, toffee, cinnamon and a hint of pepper. In the mouth it causes an explosion of red fruit, ripe smooth tannins and hints of sweet oak | €28.50 per bottle, €5.75 per glass


  • €3.25 per glas

Dessert wine

  • €4.50 per glass

Mineral Waters

  • Chaudfontaine still | €2.75 (25 cl), €4.75 (50 cl)
  • Chaudfontaine light sparkling | €4.75 (50 cl)
  • Chaudfontaine sparkling | €2.75 (25 cl), €4.75 (50 cl)

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Enjoy a tasting of liquers: Tia Maria, Disaronno & Isolabella sambuca | € 4.95 per plateau

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