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Company outings

Centrally located in almost every major town of the Netherlands and offering a great atmosphere you will find Humphrey’s Restaurants ideal for company outings.


There are certain occasions that should be celebrated with friends, family and colleagues in a fun way. Humphrey’s offers the perfect option for sharing a delicious dinner in a beautiful setting for both small and larger groups. Sharing a good time together with a snack and a drink; we offer you all of the ingredients required for a tasty evening.

We would love to organise a customised and enjoyable evening for you. Feel free to contact us for available options.

All-inclusive arrangements

For gatherings of 15 people or more, Humphrey’s offers the option of all-inclusive arrangements. We offer a choice of a basic and a luxury variant. What do these arrangements entail?

Basic all inclusive arrangement € 43.50 per person

  • A 3 course choices menu
  • Cool drinks, beer or house wines
  • Coffee or tea

Luxe all inclusive arrangement € 49.50 per person

  • A 3 course choices menu
  • Cool drinks, specialty beer on tap and a choice of all wines by glass
  • Coffee or tea

Conditions basic and luxury all-inclusive package

  • Groups of at least 15 people.
  • Menu with a choice of 3 starters, 3 main and 3 desserts. You compose this menu yourself in advance.
  • Drinks outside the above range can of course be ordered. This is in addition to the stated price.
  • This promotion is not valid in combination with other promotions and discounts.
  • The duration of this package is 2.5 hours. *
  • Reservation is necessary!
  • Humphrey’s reserves the right to discontinue this arrangement prematurely.

* The duration of both arrangements can be extended at an additional cost. The costs for this are € 5 per person per half hour. Would you like to receive more information about the arrangements? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to think along with you about a pleasant tailor-made evening! Of course we adhere to the Covid-19 measures, so that you and your company can enjoy carefree with us.

Movie ticket arrangement

3-course dinner + 1 cinema ticket for just €37.50

Our cinema tickets arrangement can be used in combination with various Pathé and Kinepolis cinema theatres. Have fun!


  • Cinema theatre tickets can be used at all Pathé and Kinepolis cinema theatres.
  • Cinema tickets are valid for one year.
  • This arrangement is not valid in combination with other special offers/discounts.
  • To be able to use this arrangement, you need to indicate this when you make your booking/reservation. When you pay, you will be issued with a voucher that you can use to pay at your preferred cinema theatre.

Collaboration with TB Events

Humphrey’s has been working together with TB Events for a while. This is a national event organising company. They offer numerous activities that are held in our restaurants. These include city games such as Hunted. In addition, they specialise in dinner games and quizzes such as Gek op Holland (Crazy about Holland) and Moorddiners (Murder dinners).

Book your outing through TB Events in combination with a delicious 3 course dinner at Humphrey’s Restaurants!

Collaboration Special Tours

Looking for a hilarious group outing that perfectly complements your visit to one of Humphrey’s restaurants? Then take a look at the unique activities of event agency Specialtours and quickly and easily organize a fun program according to your wishes.

For example, compete in teams and discover the city center during the interactive Smartphone App games. Or let your company be carried away by our enthusiastic quizmaster during an exciting dinner game. With themes such as Ranking the Stars Diner, Who is the Rat Diner, Boys against the Girls Diner and PubQuiz Diner, every company outing, bachelor party or family day is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience! In addition, a baby shower should of course not be missing in the range!

Click here for more information about Specialtours games in combination with a delicious 3-course dinner at Humphrey’s.

Collaboration with ‘Uitjes en Eten’

Centrally located in almost every major town of the Netherlands and offering a great atmosphere you will find Humphrey’s Restaurants ideal for group outings. We have started unique collaborations with the ‘Uitjes en Eten’ Company.

Escape in the City with Humphrey’s

A combination of a hilarious team game through the city plus a 3-course dinner at Humphrey’s! First of all, the group competes for the ‘Escape in the City’ trophy. Teams of 5 or 6 players are handcuffed together and have exactly 2 hours to break loose. Every handcuff has a combination lock. Solve the riddles, puzzles and unexpected instructions in the city, and find the codes for the combination locks. The day is then completed by a delicious 3-course dinner at one of the 11 Humphrey’s Restaurants.

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Escape Dinner at Humphrey´s

Enjoy a delicious dinner and between courses, play the Escape Dinner. A perfect combination of excitement and fun! At the dinner, some of the dinner guests will be handcuffed together. Working together and tactical play is then important to solve the challenging puzzles and use the cryptic clues to be able to undo the handcuffs again. Between courses, several rounds of the Escape game are played, and after the main course, the trophy will be within reach. What team will win the trophy?

More information

Please note: this arrangement can only be booked through ‘Uitjes en Eten’!

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