Will it be Humphrey's today?

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Will it be Humphrey's today?

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Will it be Humphrey's today?

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  • Earl Gray / Green Sencha / Green Ginger-Lemon Grass / Rooibos / Seasonal Herbal Blend / Black Tea Red Fruit
  • Fresh mint tea
  • Ginger tea


  • Coffee / Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Double espresso
  • Latte
  • Latte macchiato
  • Affogato al caffe (scoop of sea salted caramel ice cream dipped in espresso)
  • Heavenly Hazel latte
  • Coconut Chocolate latte
  • Chocolate milk
  • Whipped cream

Special coffee

  • French coffee (Grand Marnier/Cointreau)
  • Italian coffee (De Kuyper Amaretto)
  • Spanish coffee (Licor43)
  • Irish coffee (Jim Beam whiskey)


  • Coca Cola (zero) / Fanta Orange / Finley Ginger Ale / Sprite / Cassis / Finley Bitter Lemon / Finley Tonic
  • Rivella Light
  • Crodino
  • Royal Bliss Ginger Beer
  • Fuze Tea sparkling / non-sparkling green of mango
  • Fristi / Chocomel

Mineral water

  • Chaudfontaine still / sparkling 25 cl
  • Chaudfontaine still / sparkling 40 cl


  • Fresh orange juice
  • Orange juice / apple juice / tomato juice

White wines

Fresh / Fruity / Spicy

  • Sauvignon Blanc Baccolo Venetië Italië
  • Grüner veltiner Pfaffl 'vom Haus' Weinviertel Oostenrijk

Juicy / Ripe / Round

  • Verdejo San Antolin Rueda Spanje
  • Pinot Grigio Blush Rosé Saccheto Venetië Italië

Full / Rich / Complex

  • Chardonnay Lighthorse Californië USA
  • Chenin blanc, Semillon, Muscadelle, Colombard Sidney Wilcox white field blend Australië
  • Chardonnay Domaine Roux Bourgogne

Red wines

Spicy / Full-bodied / Smooth

  • Merlot Baccolo Venetië Italië
  • Malbec Los Cardos Mendoza Argentinië
  • Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso Veneto Italië

Powerful / Full-bodied / Rich

  • Tempranillo Crianza Bodega's Primicia Rioja Spanje
  • Zinfandel Whiplasch Lodi USA

Fruity / Juicy / Smooth

  • Pinot Noir Crystal Bay Victoria Australië
  • Spätburgunder (pinot noir) Merdinger Bühl Baden

House wine

Red, white sweet, white dry or rosé

Sparkling wines

  • Freschello Spumante Extra Dry
  • Rotkäppchen Sekt (bottle 200 ml)
  • Rotkäppchen Sekt Alkoholfrei (bottle 200 ml)
  • Champagne – Carte d’Or Brut
  • Port (Ruby / Tawny / White)
  • Sherry (Dry / Medium dry)
  • Sherry Pedro Ximénez (PX)


  • Kentucky Highball 8.50
    A 'must try' for the whiskey lover! With Jim Beam, De Kuyper Triple Sec, Sweet and Sour mix and Sprite.
  • Watermelon Fizz 7.50
    Wonderfully fresh and summery! With Threesixty Vodka, De Kuyper Watermelon, Sweet and Sour mix and Sprite.
  • Fizzy Peachtree 6.50
    Peachy freshness! Peachtree liqueur with Chaudfontaine sparkling and lime juice.
  • Frozen Margarita 8.50
    One of the most popular cocktails in the world with Sierra Tequila Plata, De Kuyper Triple Sec, Sweet and Sour mix and of course the famous salt rim.
  • Pineapple Collins 8.50
    A summer cocktail with Rutte Dutch Dry Gin, De Kuyper Pineapple, Sweet and Sour mix and Chaudfontaine sparkling.
  • Espresso Martini 7.50
    This boost with De Kuyper Crème de Café, Threesixty Vodka and espresso is delicious before and after dinner!
  • Roku Gin & Tonic 9.50
    The taste of this Japanese gin is the result of 6 Japanese botanicals that provide a wonderfully fresh and floral taste. Delicious with tonic and a ginger slice.
  • Rutte Dutch Dry Gin & Tonic 9.00
    A fresh gin from Dutch soil with notes of celery, mint and anise.
  • Nojito 7.50
    Imagine yourself in Cuba with this delicious non-alcoholic, tropical cocktail with Mojito Mix and Royal Bliss Ginger Beer, lime and mint.
  • Berry Sensation 7.50
    Experience the complex taste of Royal Bliss Bohemian Berry Sensation. A sweet and refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail with a hint of red fruit, passion fruit and peach.

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